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At Rockland Optometry, nothing is more important than your ocular health. Isn’t sight the most beautiful sense? With this in mind, the clinic offers a complete array of individualized services to maintain your ocular health.

In Ontario, children and youth 19 years old or younger are eligible for the following OHIP covered services:

1 major eye exam (for vision and general eye health) every 12 months;
Any minor assessments needed.

If you are 65 years and older and you do not have an eligible medical condition affecting your eyes, OHIP will cover:

1 major eye exam for you once every 18 months and 2 additional follow-up minor assessments.

Ocular emergencies

Our optometrists are qualified to evaluate and treat multiple urgent ocular conditions such as redness, infections, light flashes, floaters, and foreign bodies. Contact us to book an appointment. We work closely with ophthalmologists in the region who can quickly take over your care if needed.


Our optometrists have an eye on you.

At Rockland Optometry, our team of optometrists has remarkable expertise and actively participates in ongoing training to continuously improve.

Optimal Eye Health

Modern examination rooms and state-of-the-art equipment ensure that you receive a comprehensive eye exam, an accurate diagnosis, advice, and a treatment plan for optimal eye health.
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Have doubts about your vision?

Our optometrists can diagnose and treat multiple ocular diseases. They also collaborate with other healthcare professionals, especially family doctors and ophthalmologists.

They offer post-surgical follow-up after cataract removal surgery, refractive surgery, and retinal treatments. They also ensure follow-ups for the care of certain pathologies such as glaucoma, diabetes, and degeneration.


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For your eye exam, various tests and exams may be performed:

Our opticians have an eye for detail

Our experienced opticians offer a personalized eyewear service based on your preferences and their suggestions and professional recommendations. In a modern and welcoming environment, they will advise you on different available lens types that best suit your lifestyle needs. They are dedicated to offering quality products. They select a collection of elegant and eccentric spectacles and sunglasses that combine comfort and aesthetics. Our opticians try to learn about every patient to help them make the best choice for a unique style that suits both their personality and needs to have them leaving with a smile.

Their expertise allows them to offer you precise measures and adjustments to ensure ideal comfort and optimal vision.

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