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Your eyes deserve uncompromising care and we see to it

Rockland Optometry offers optometric services and a wide range of eyewear in a modern and warm atmosphere, right in the heart of Clarence-Rockland. Our team has been providing exceptional eye care to the families of the Prescott-Russell and Ottawa region for over 50 years.
Dr. Danielle Frigault and her team make it their duty to offer quality care to the community’s patients, emphasizing the clinic’s core values: dedication, innovation, and expertise.
Over 50 years of experience
We work tirelessly to enhance our knowledge, skills, and services, ensuring our customers receive the most innovative and effective eye care.
At the forefront of technology
Our cutting-edge technology enables us to refine our processes and deliver superior services tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Delivering excellent eye care is our goal

Our optometrists are passionate about visual health and are committed to helping patients maintain clear and healthy vision throughout their lives.

High performance in optometry

Their expertise lies at the intersection of medicine and optics, enabling them to provide comprehensive and personalized eye care.
Dr. Danielle


Dr. Stuart


Dr. Michael


Essential for maintaining eye health

Our unparalleled examinations, the use of cutting-edge equipment, meticulous health record follow-ups, and our selection of unique and bold glasses make our clinic a top destination. Our uncompromising practices ensure that your eyes remain healthy for as long as possible.

"We see to it"
Perfect vision

Rest assured of comprehensive and integrated care.

In addition to prescribing and providing corrective lenses, our optometrists are also qualified to detect and manage more complex eye conditions.

Meet the professionals on our team

They are involved in promoting eye health awareness, offering advice on best visual practices, preventive measures, and healthy lifestyle habits to preserve sight.
Skilled and attentive, they play a crucial role in maintaining and preserving your eye health.
They will assist you in finding lenses and frames suitable for your prescription, taking into account your needs and preferences.